07 natural home remedies to relief acute wisdom teeth pain

Everyone in their prime youth must have experienced the severe pain of wisdom teeth. They are the last emerging teeth in the jaw and cause extreme pain. We all contain 32 teeth in our mouth which consist of eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, eight molars, and four wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are also known as impacted teeth because they erupt irregularly at the wrong angle over the other teeth to push them aside.

The main symptoms of wisdom teeth pain are swelling of the gum, difficulty in opening your jaw, bad breath, bitter mouth taste, pain in chewing and biting, fever, bleeding, and headaches.

At the time the wisdom teeth pain occurs, the first step for you is to rush to the dentist to take them out for a permanent relief solution. In case, you could not find your dentist, here are the 07 natural home remedies for you to help you to feel soothe in the acute wisdom teeth pain:

Warm salt water

Warm salt water is the most proven natural home remedy recommended by doctors for severe wisdom tooth pain relief. It is useful in giving comfort and lessen pain. You need to take about 08 ounces of warm water into a glass and add two tablespoons of salt and stir it to dissolve. Now have a mouthful of water and rinse it for few minutes and spit out. Keep doing this over and over to see surprising results.

Ice Cube Pack

Using a cube of ice also helps you in relieving extreme wisdom teeth pain and gives you a cooling effect. It has a remedy to wrap some ice cubes in a towel and gently apply on the swollen jaw. It provides much comfort in pain and inflammation to an affected person.


Chewing a clove gives you instant relief from an acute wisdom teeth pain. Clove strengthens gums and provides an antiseptic and antibiotic cure. The best way is to place a whole single clove on your wisdom teeth, and your pain disappears in a few minutes.


Onion is a fantastic natural home remedy and capable of pulling the severe wisdom teeth pain and providing quick relief with ease and comfort. You need to take a whole onion and cut it into pieces and place one piece on the pain affected area. The sharp taste of onion juice takes away your pain in moments.


Garlic provides tremendous relief from wisdom teeth pain and works as an antibiotic for germs prevention. It provides an adequate remedy of crushing a clove of garlic and adding a pinch of sea salt and placing it on the painful teeth to give you comfort. Chewing a peeled clove is a proven therapy to remove wisdom teeth pain.


Ginger is the oldest natural home remedy for quickly relieving wisdom teeth ache. The ideal method is to cut whole ginger into pieces and bite slowly for active and the efficient results.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum also provides instant relief from wisdom teeth pain for you by biting it slowly and gently.

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