4 Amazing ways to prevent cavities in your teeth

Do you dread having a mouth full of cavities? Well, we all do! Cavities, also known as tooth decay, happen when a part or the entire tooth is decayed and destroyed forming holes and pit in it. This usually happen due to bacterial attacks, consuming a lot of sugary food and drinks or simply not brushing your teeth properly. Just having cavities is not only what’s painful but treating them is also an excruciating process which sometimes involve tooth extraction as well. Tooth extraction is very painful and most of us don’t want to go through that process. For this, we must keep up with our oral hygiene and must care about our teeth in order to prevent cavity in them.

Here are 4 amazing ways that can help you in preventing tooth cavities!

Learn your cavity risks

Learning and evaluating the risk of having cavity in your teeth can be done through regular dental check-ups. Visit your dental consultant regularly and undergo a comprehensive dental exam. This will help you in understanding your oral hygiene better and you will know your standings regarding what treatments you shall take as well as what kind of diet should you be following in order to maintain your oral health well.

Properly brush your teeth

Brushing teeth properly is no new instruction for us. We must make sure to brush our teeth properly and regularly every day, especially after consuming sugary food items. Most of us find it bothersome to brush teeth in the night especially if you have a sweet tooth and that often activates after midnight. Ask your dentist to demonstrate you about brushing techniques you might need to know. 

Choose right toothbrush and toothpaste

Your toothbrush should not just be medically certified by experts but should also have the right kind of bristles which suits best with your teeth’s health. You must know if your toothbrush should have hard, soft or medium bristles for pleasant brushing. The toothpaste that you use must also have the right ingredients such as fluoride to protect the tooth enamel.

Opt for dental sealants

Go for dental sealants in case your dentist advices you to go for one after finding a suppression on your tooth. Filling or dental sealants can fix the suppressions on your tooth that may lead to cavities in future.

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