8 ways to keep your teeth healthy

Your oral hygiene has a significant role in maintaining and regulating your body functions. Wondering how does that happen? Let us connect the dots for you! Oral cavity is the main source where the process of digestion begins as you enter food through your mouth for it to get processed and then eventually distributed among other body parts. To extract food nutrition, you must chew your food properly and this is where the role of teeth comes in. For chewing food properly, you must have a healthy pair of jaws to crush and grind food in an appropriate manner. If you have a bright, clean and shiny set of teeth, don’t take the blessing for granted and always keep them protected.

Here are 8 amazing ways that will surely help you to maintain your teeth health!

1. Don’t sleep without brushing your teeth

Never go to bed without brushing your teeth. The germs and bacteria usually get activated while you sleep and produce toxicity inside the oral cavity which produces bad breath and cavity in your teeth.

2. Your tongue needs a massage

Don’t ignore your tongue while brushing your teeth. Gently massage your tongue with the brush and gargle thoroughly to wipe off bacterial layer from it.

3. Do proper brushing

Brushing your teeth properly is necessary. Take about 3-5 minutes to brush your teeth, swirling the brush around each quadrant of your jaws in order to get rid of plaque and germ deposition.

4. Consider dental appointments twice a year

It is recommended to see a dentist at least twice a year even if you don’t face any evident dental problems. A regular dental check-up can save you from acquiring many diseases you may regret later on.

5. Floss regularly

Develop a habit of flossing your teeth each time after you brush them. Choose a ready-to-use floss set to make the process of flossing more convenient and handy for you.

6. Use fluoride toothpaste

Regardless of whatever toothpaste flavour you choose from the supermarket, just cross check that it contains fluoride in it. Fluoride defends against decay and plaque effectively.

7. Consume more water

Drinking water after every meal washes out food particles deposited around the corners of your gums and tooth gaps. It also gets you rid of acidic effects of sticky food in the oral cavity.

8. Restrict yourself from excess sugary and acidic foods

Sugary and sweet foods convert the sugar deposits into acid in your mouth that eventually becomes one of the major causes of tooth decay. This acid erodes the layer known as tooth enamel off your teeth. Keep yourself limited to consumption of sugary foods.

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