Typically, parents prioritize their children’s overall well-being and health. But, taking proper oral care of your child to maintain good dental health is equally important. It is recommended that you should take your child to a dentist in every six months for routine checkup. This is one of the most important aspects to ensure good dental health.

From the very beginning, as a parent you should instill regular brushing and flossing habits in your little one. It is important to do it from an early age in order to maintain good oral health at later stages. There are instances where a child may develop infection or cavity. In such situations, your first action must be to visit a dentist. This is because the problem may become worse as the time passes. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Visit a dentist before the problem reaches a point where you have to get the tooth pulled out of your child’s mouth. Let’s have a look at a few instances where you should rush your child to the dentist, and on priority basis.

  • When you child complains about a toothache, you should schedule a dental appointment. Parents should not ignore their complaints or try to give medications. In other instances, many adults also ask them to brush more or thoroughly, but it may have adverse effects. Try to seek a general examination before jumping into a conclusion.
  • When the tooth color changes, it means it might be dying. If you find out or your little one tells you about their teeth turning black or grey, go to a doctor immediately. A dentist may tell the root cause behind this, as it might be due to genetic causes. But, parents should seek consultation of the dentist to determine the cause.
  • When they complain about pain, swelling, or bleeding in gums, it is a concern. People often do not consider sensitivity as a major issue. This may lead to gum disease, hence should be taken care of at the earliest.
  • When they have bad breath, they might have developed tooth decay or infection. You may ask them to brush and check if the breath is refreshing or not. If it does not stay for longer duration, it is recommended to go to the dentist.

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