From the time we start brushing, we are told to do it twice a day at least for better results. Apart from this, we have always heard to floss at least once a day and going for a dental check-up once in three months for healthy teeth and gums. Even though all of this is correct, but, people undermine the importance of good oral care. Every now and then we keep hearing that some of our loved ones have to get a teeth extracted or a root canal due to tooth decay. If we prioritise proper oral care, this would not happen.
On the contrary, there are people who consume certain foods or beverages that results in discoloration of teeth. After all, apart from being functional to perform its primary task – chewing and eating, cleaner and better teeth allows you to feel confident!
People who do not follow a healthy oral care routine tend to deposit plaque and calculus in their mouth. Not only this is harmful, but it leads to bleeding and inflammation in the gums. If you are looking to have impressive teeth that gives a better overall look, try scaling and polishing. Many individuals do not regularly brush or consume tobacco in one form or another. Either way, tartar builds up within the teeth which results in teeth damage.
This is where scaling and polishing comes in which is a very common dental procedure. If you are brushing regular, but further looking to have healthy and impressive teeth, scaling and polishing is the ideal solution. Scaling is performed on teeth that removes any and all deposits on and within teeth. On the other hand, polishing is the process that involves smoothing of the teeth. It often happens that the scaling process makes teeth rougher than usual. Therefore, to give a clean look, polishing is performed.
Once scaling and polishing is done, the dentist may apply a small amount of fluoride for additional protection of your teeth. In recent times, people have questioned about polishing that is done after scaling. They are under the impression of not using too many abrasive tools on teeth which ‘could be’ unnecessary. Therefore, consult your dental doctor before scheduling a scaling and polishing appointment. Your dentist can tell if you will require scaling and polishing both or just scaling to get rid of the plaque.

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