Sugar-free chewing gums

For ages, we have considered chewing gums as a form of soft candy, without knowing that sugar-free chewing gums are a healthy product to protect the teeth and fight against several oral problems.

Sugar-free gums taste like any ordinary gum, but they are not made up of sugar, saccharine or any other related content. They contain artificial sweeteners which are usually used in sweetening tablets for diabetic patients. Sucralose Xylitol, Sorbitol, Stevia are used as a sugar substitute in chewing gums. The most amazing fact about these compounds is they do not harm the enamel layer of teeth and help to prevent teeth from plaque.

A remedy for Dry Mouth

For dry mouth, Chewing gum is the most effective and convenient solution. It increases the flow of saliva in the mouth. Saliva act as a cleaning agent which clears the sugar content and food particles in your mouth. The increased flow of saliva means rapid clearance of sugar content and better oral health. The high pH of saliva and its buffering capacity neutralizes the plague pH that’s why chewing gums are recommended after intake of sugar content, alcohol, cigarettes, soda etc.

Prevents White Color of your Teeth

Sugar-free chewing gums prevents teeth from getting a yellow tone. Alcohol usage, smoking, too much intake of candies or cold drinks can accelerate coloration process 30 times faster. Gum chewing after consumption of these products can slow down color changing process. Stain reduction is also a key benefit and helps you keep your teeth shiny white.

Superb For Facial Feature Enhancement

Gum chewing is like an exercise for your jaws, collarbone, and cheekbones. It reduces extra fat around the chin area and is regarded as the best solution for double chin. People apply thick layers of foundation and highlighters to enhance facial features, but chewing gum can naturally raise your check area, highlight your lip line, tone your chin, and embellish your nose line. It also tightens skin and let you have younger looking facial features.

Cleans Your Mouth

Chewing gums strengthen teeth and minimize tooth decay. The gummy thing enters the gaps between teeth and pulls off the tiny particles of food which might have been resting there. It also helps in wiping away the bacteria which is a major cause of bad breath, tooth decay, and oral infections. Even when you spit the chewed gum, the saliva production in your mouth is still continued which rinse the teeth, gum, and flesh of your mouth. 

Many people might consider that chewing gums as a substitute for brushing or flossing. NO, it is not, regular brushing and use of fluoride toothpaste is mandatory for your oral health and hygiene. Chewing gums can be an adjunct or used as a quick remedy for cleaning your mouth when you eat something on the go. 

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