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What’s a One-Visit Crown? The Best Fix for a Broken Tooth

Times are changing, and the days of squeezing multiple dentist appointments into your busy schedule because of a broken tooth are behind us. One Visit Crowns (OVC) have proven a revolutionary innovation in the dental field. You’ll no longer need to break the bank when you decide to get a dental crown. Learn more about One Visit Crowns from the experts at Confidental.

What are One Visit Crowns?

The OVC first hit the market in 2013, and many of the dentists who offer it today consider it a game-changer. A One Visit Crowns is a lab-made crown and onlay that needs only a single visit to prepare and fit, minimising time and stress for you. OVCs are minimally invasive and offer better outcomes for patients, without requiring a CAD/CAM system.

For anyone who has been through the old crown procedure, this certainly is a game-changer. It takes only half the time, making it more convenient and affordable for patients to get their dental crowns in Auckland, so Confidental invites you to see why you should consider this treatment.

How the OVC works

The One Visit Dental Crown is more affordable because the procedure is so much more efficient. Confidental uses the initial consultation appointment to take an impression of your tooth—as it is—with no drilling at this point. This impression is then sent to their laboratory, where a lab technician custom-makes an OVC based on your tooth impression and sends it back. The dentist can then prepare and place the OVC in a single procedure, considerably reducing treatment time and eliminating the inconvenience of repeat visits and temporary crowns.

The OVC is conservative by nature, requiring less drilling and less reduction of your tooth, protecting and strengthening for the long term while saving more of your natural tooth. OVC dental crowns are made of trusted, 73% zirconia filled, hybrid ceramic materials that have been used by dentists for years, so you can be confident it will last, making it a mid-priced option that is suitable for both private and insured patients.

Why You Should Consider a One-Visit Crown

If work, school, and your children’s activities leave no free time in your schedule, the prospect of multiple dental appointments for a crown can be prohibitive. Fortunately, cutting-edge technology has made solutions like single-visit crowns a viable alternative.

As their name implies, these crowns can be placed in just one visit to Confidental, saving you valuable time and making them a convenient treatment option for many people. You need not sacrifice quality for quick and easy placement and the convenience of same-day crowns, either, as OVCs are made using the same porcelain material you’ll find in traditional crowns.

Since they’re made from the same materials, same-day crowns look just as natural as their lab-milled counterparts. They match the gloss of natural teeth and the crown’s shape, size, and shade are designed specifically for you, allowing it to blend in with your natural teeth.

How We Do One-Visit Crowns at Confidental

Confidental Advanced Dentistry uses advanced computer-aided ceramic restoration technology for our OVC procedures. To make sure that the patient doesn’t have to visit over and over again, they complete the crown in a single appointment and allocate two hours for the complete procedure. Clinical steps involve clinical preparation of the tooth, intraoral scan, 3D computer designing, 3D computer milling/finishing/polishing and finally, cementation. This is the best technology to replace amalgam fillings with ceramic restorations, where they make customised, computerised ceramic inlay and onlay.

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A consistent approach to maintaining your dental health is essential for ensuring a perfect smile, and Confidental Advanced Dentistry offers tailor-made programmes for each patient. Our Dental Clinic offers a huge range of general, advanced, and cosmetic dental services, including chipped tooth repair, so book a consultation with their amazing dental practice today.