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Our dental services are all aimed at helping you regain confidence in your smile! We have a commitment to quality and care for every patient, making your journey from self-conscious to self-confident as pain-free as possible.

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A consistent approach towards maintaining dental health is essential for a perfect smile. At Confidental Advanced Dentistry, we offer customized programs tailor-made for each patient to help them keep their oral health up to scratch for a lifetime. We include everything from regular dental checks to emergency dental services.


Holistic dentistry is based on the concept that the body is one unit, and the mouth can be a significant indicator of body health. We use these principles in our holistic dental treatments, and your dental therapist will discuss your individual health needs with you before proceeding with any of the below treatments.


At Confidental Advanced Dentistry, we genuinely believe that a smile is something that boosts a person’s confidence and makes others feel great. Therefore, our dental clinic provides high-quality orthodontic services to deal with malocclusions.


Professional and personalized dental care is what you and your family deserve, because every tooth counts. From child to senior, our advanced dental practices will help with everything from tooth decay to implants.

"Kind, Knowledgeable and straight to the point, Went well."

- Esther Libby

"Happy with the staff. Dr.Sirija answered all my concerns and explained it clearly."

- Maria

"Easy effective and cost efficient option. Really lovely team."

- Rochelle Fletcher

"My visit for cleaning was fast friendly. I have the whitest smile now. Great team. Many thanks."

- Catherine Nair

"Painless service. After a bad experience with another dentist, I was very apprehensive about dental treatment. Confi Dental put me at ease and comfort. No pain what-so-ever."

- Dave Lewis

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