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Your First Orthodontic Assessment: What to Expect

It’s incredible how much perfectly straight teeth can instantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. At Confidental, we offer high-quality orthodontic services for teeth alignment and teeth straightening. If you’re planning to improve your smile through the help of braces and invisalign, read on! We share below what you can expect on your first orthodontic appointment and assessment.

Meeting your dentist

The first step is meeting your dentist. It’s crucial to establish trust so that you can feel at ease knowing your teeth and oral health are in good hands. The first appointment is also an opportune time to discuss any specific concerns you have and talk about what type of braces you prefer.

Orthodontic assessment

The dentist will then do a full assessment of your teeth and face. The assessment process typically only takes a few hours at most. The process involves dental imaging and getting impressions of your teeth and jaws, in order to determine if you have problems with your bite, check the health of your bones, diagnose misalignment, and other issues specific to your oral situation. After your orthodontic evaluation, your dentist can come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that’s tailor-made for your unique oral needs.

Panoramic x-rays and dental radiographs

As part of your orthodontic treatment plan, you have to undergo the procedure of routine x-rays and dental radiographs. Don’t worry, there’s no special preparation needed before a panoramic dental x-ray. However, you may have to do it once or twice at your first appointment, and this can be repeated mid-way through the treatment. This is necessary to ensure your dental adjustments are on the right path.

Bite impressions

Your dentist will also request bite impressions for further diagnosis. Alginate is poured into little trays, which will be inserted into your mouth to study your bite and the placement of your teeth. This can be a bit uncomfortable, but the process takes only a few minutes.

Discussing your treatment plan

During the next phase of the assessement, you and your dentist will get into the details of your treatment plan. With the help of your clinical photos, x-rays, and completed plaster models of your teeth, your dentist can provide you with the most suitable option for teeth straightening. He or she will also explain the risks and benefits of your orthodontic treatment plan. Feel free to ask questions regarding your treatment plan during this time, as it’s best to you’re on same page with your dentist when it comes to your approaching your dental concerns.

Giving the go ahead

Once you’re comfortable and confident proceeding with the proposed treatment plan, you and your dentist can set a schedule for you to go and get your braces or invisalign fitted.

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Fixing malocclusions is what we do best. At Confidental, we strive to give you the smile you want to achieve with high-quality, professional orthodontic care. For expert orthodontics in Auckland, trust Confidental. Get confident with your smile and book an appointment today!