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Baby Teeth with Cavities Need to be Treated

It is a common perception that baby cavities are just a timely issue and once the milk teeth will break away, the issue will resolve automatically. But in actual tooth decay need to be treated in time to avoid series of issues and medical disturbances in children`s body. Teeth decay not only harms particular tooth but cause a lot of oral infections, teeth alignment problems, eating disorders and ENT issues.

In this blog, you will read about diseases caused by teeth decay and some practices to avoid further damage to your baby`s health.

What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is an acid reaction inside the mouth that harms enamel layer over the teeth. It leads to cavities. Cavities are holes in teeth that allow food particles and germs to set in and worsen the oral health. Cavities appear as black marks over teeth.

Tooth decay can be caused by excessive use of sweet products, deficiency of florid, sleep with a baby bottle, excessive use of a pacifier, saliva exchange, etc.

Usually, parents pay less attention towards the oral health of babies, especially in infant age. Many times after feeding they forget to clean the mouth and this practice prolong from days to even weeks. In most cases smell from the baby`s mouth is not given much attention and parents skip regular dental checkups.

All these manners can cause severe issues to dental and oral health. Professional assistance and proper attention towards oral health are as important as other medical concerns.

Why Tooth Decay Is Dangerous

Kids with cavities disturbing their primary teeth face may risks that affect their overall development. Teeth can turn out to be riddled with cavities which allow bacteria growth in the mouth. Many digestive issues are linked with oral health. As the mouth is connected to the digestive system of human body and whatever we eat or drink directly follows the path towards our stomach, so the bacteria and germs in baby`s mouth can affect the whole process.

Teeth decay may cause a sensation, prickling in gums and pain in jaw or gums. Tooth and gum pain is severe in most cases which can cause fever or eating disorder among babies. It also impacts baby’s nutrition, and impede them from eating healthy food. It may cause an effect on their taste buds badly, or they might be unable to chew properly for an extended period.

Tooth decay also causes overbites and bite alignment difficulties that necessarily require oral appliance to fix. Babies may even start showing mood tantrums or show irritation by avoiding food intake, restricting their food consumption to liquid or mashed food and several such habits.

Tooth decay can cause hindrance for adult teeth from growing in proper alignment and healthy, impede appropriate speech, and destructively affect self-esteem or leads to contagions that affect nearby teeth and cause more cavities plus bad breath.