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"Kind, Knowledgeable and straight to the point, Went well."

- Esther Libby

"Happy with the staff. Dr.Sirija answered all my concerns and explained it clearly."

- Maria

"Easy effective and cost efficient option. Really lovely team."

- Rochelle Fletcher

"My visit for cleaning was fast friendly. I have the whitest smile now. Great team. Many thanks."

- Catherine Nair

"Painless service. After a bad experience with another dentist, I was very apprehensive about dental treatment. Confi Dental put me at ease and comfort. No pain what-so-ever."

- Dave Lewis



Are you looking for a genuine place to get your oral health assessed?

Did your naturopath tell you about the high amount of mercury toxicity in your body?

If so, then visit Confidental Advanced Dentistry and leave the rest on us. After having a thorough discussion with you, our dentist does a comprehensive assessment of your oral health. For this, we use top-notch equipment, which significantly helps us assess the amalgam fillings and their toxicity. We have Rita meter which measures the charge of the Amalgam filling.

So, what are you waiting for?

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