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Are you looking to get your mercury fillings assessed?

Many people have dental amalgam fillings, as this used to be a popular filling material used prior to modern approaches such as composite fillings. Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of metals including mercury, which causes concern for some people. Some choose to replace their amalgam fillings for health reasons, while others do so for aesthetic reasons. Amalgam fillings are a silver colour and can make teeth look dark, so replacing these with modern composite fillings which mimic the natural tooth colour can remedy this.

If you are worried about your amalgam fillings for personal reasons, we can provide the professional advice you need. We will assess your fillings and provide you with more information before you make any decisions regarding replacement.

What are the options for replacing an amalgam filling?

We can provide safe methods to remove or replace the amalgam from your mouth, so you are protected from exposure to mercury during the process. The process for removing a mercury filling depends on the state of the tooth.

If the filling takes up a large area, there may not be much tooth left to fill once it is removed, so we would recommend a crown in this case to strengthen and protect the tooth. If the filling is small, we can fill in the area with a composite filling which provides a great aesthetic and functional result.

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Getting a filling replaced might sound painful, but it doesn’t have to be! We strive to make all our dental procedures as comfortable as possible, so you don’t have to fear your next visit! We also have a range of finance options available so you can get your teeth sorted as soon as possible. After all, they are an asset that need to be looked after!

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