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How Full Mouth Rehabilitation Restores Your Smile
While it may sound complicated, full mouth rehabilitation is quite a straightforward procedure, combining restorative treatments to save your smile. Confidental Advanced Dentistry’s goal is to not only help you enjoy smiling again but also to strengthen and fortify your healthy oral tissues and tooth structures. Different issues with your smile will call for different […]
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Your First Orthodontic Assessment: What to Expect
It’s incredible how much perfectly straight teeth can instantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. At Confidental, we offer high-quality orthodontic services for teeth alignment and teeth straightening. If you’re planning to improve your smile through the help of braces and invisalign, read on! We share below what you can expect on your first orthodontic appointment […]
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What’s a One-Visit Crown? The Best Fix for a Broken Tooth
Times are changing, and the days of squeezing multiple dentist appointments into your busy schedule because of a broken tooth are behind us. One Visit Crowns (OVC) have proven a revolutionary innovation in the dental field. You’ll no longer need to break the bank when you decide to get a dental crown. Learn more about […]
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Wisdom Teeth 101: What They Are and When to Remove Them
We all have them, but do we know where they are and what they’re for? Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the last of your teeth to appear (erupt) in the mouth and can become impacted because they don’t have enough room to come in or develop normally. Wisdom teeth usually emerge sometime between the ages […]
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All About Holistic Dentistry
Taking a holistic approach to general dentistry means taking your wider health into account, no matter what kind of procedure you’re considering. It’s an alternative approach to dentistry that considers your oral health as part of your overall wellbeing. At Confidental, we offer holistic tooth extraction as well as amalgam filling assessments and amalgam filling replacements for […]
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Dental Implants – The What, the Why, and the How
There are a lot of misconceptions about dental implants. One of the most common is that it’s a painful process to undergo. This makes it much more difficult for many to go and get expert dental help. As professional emergency dentists in Auckland, we’re here to tell you that dental implant surgeries cause little to […]
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Root Canal Treatments: They’re Not as Bad as You Think
Root canal treatments get a bad reputation as one of the worst, most painful dental procedures out there. The truth is, they’re not as bad as they sound! Treatments from days long passed have given rise to some bad expectations, but like any other industry, dentistry has evolved to suit the people it serves. So, […]
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Braces vs. Invisalign: What Can They Do for You?
As a family dentist, we see a lot of people in different stages of their lives who want to correct their teeth. Previously, the only choice they had was traditional metal braces, but modern dentistry has presented another option: removable orthodontics.  
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Holistic Dentistry: The What, the How, and the Why
Taking a holistic approach to general dentistry means taking your wider health into account, no matter what kind of procedure you’re considering. It’s an alternative approach to the kind of dentistry you will find in most other clinics, as most Western dentists tend to separate the implications of your oral health from your overall wellbeing.
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Remedies to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity
Regular visits to a dentist are as crucial as you go to the doctor, especially if you continuously have toothaches after eating cold foods or beverages. According to research, about 40 million people in the United States experience some sort of tooth sensitivity.
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