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There is no doubt that a toothache is the worst pain a man can experience and second worst pain next to labor pains a woman can experience. Throbbing pain is something that wakes you up at night, which doesn’t even get vanished by taking painkillers such as Panadol. Sometimes, if the situation gets worst, it makes the surrounding area of the tooth swelled, which eventually results in high body temperature. At this point, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is the only way to save the tooth. The treatment involves 2 to 3 appointments and comprises of locating the root canal, debriding the infection out of the canal, shaping the canal and filling them back to the tip of the canal.

If you are going through this severe dental problem, then give yourself some instant relief by visiting our professional dentist. For the treatment, we request you to allocate at least 90 minutes.